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Waterhead Kids

Waterhead Kids II

Barmouth Winter Sun

Wet Streets IV

Wet Streets III

Wet Streets II

Goodbye Girl

Walking Roxie

Mt Batu Ride

Seated Nude

Back Study II

The Aftternoon Walk

Pete n Hevs Wedding II.jpg

Pete n Hev's Wedding

Red Nude II

Bright Nude

Back Study

Window Nude III

Nude Window !V.jpg

Golden NudeIV

Golden Nude III

Golden Nude II

Golden Nude I

Graphic Nude

Nude on Red

Contrast Gold

Meadow III

Contrast Study IV

Contrast Study III

Contrast Study II

Contrast Study I

Kids on Stormy Beach


Woman in evening field

Girl in Meadow II

Flower Meadow

Meadow Reading

Summer Fields

Poppy Fields II

Poppy Fields


Climber I

A Nightcap!

Nude Brunette

Window Nude I

Red Nude

Thoughtful Jenny

Children Playing on Beach

Girl on Beach I

Girl on Beach II

Cathy on Beach

Girl on Beach III

Jenny at Barmouth

An Evening Walk