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I was a budding artist at school with much potential...then came life and the next few decades flew past. I picked up my paintbrush again in 2013. I am drawn to beauty in both people and places. I have lived in beautiful Shropshire for many years and having travelled about a bit, still find myself drawn to the coast whenever possible. I love the outdoors and spend time cycling, canoeing and in the hills. My inspirations over the years have come from a variety of artists and sources. I like strong colourful images. I feel that colour has a profound impact on us. 

The last few years have  been challenging, with health issues taking their toll. I am now back painting fulltime, with a different outlook. It will be interesting to see where this takes me.
So come with me on my journey as I develop over the next few years... 

I hope you enjoy my work and find something to interest you.











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